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Couple of Feet, No Big Deal

For the better part of 36 hours we've been getting hit with one heck of a snowfall here in Prescott, AZ. Now that's a darn good thing since we haven't had any recordable precipitation since last July – even if it shut down the town!

And just like any hand life deals you, I like to look at the pros and cons...


  • Got in a great hike through the snowfall, which allowed me some of that wonderful silent peace in nature that the falling snow brings with it.
  • The wood-burning stove feels a little more authentic when its frosty outside like this.
  • Always wondered what the tracks might look like if I laid 'em down with the Volvo - now I know.
  • I burned a ton of dang calories shoveling snow.


  • My back is a little sore and my toes are numb.

So as far as I can tell, this snowstorm get two thumbs up from me. And the car looks pretty good with frosting on it, too!

– Warren

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