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Busted Knuckle Garage Vintage Style Patch Cap - Tail Pipe Grey

Car Guy Gifts for Car Lovers

We believe every man needs a good stand-by. From the stand-by-me, the friend who sticks closer than a brother, to your stand-by hat you wear every time you leave the house. Our vintage ballcap hat is built to be just that - equally at home in the garage, shop and on the town. We think it's safe to assume it'll be your new favorite hat.


  • 100% Cotton Twill with a proprietary wash to create a "dirty" effect
  • 5-Panel Baseball Cap
  • Old-school Tail-Pipe Grey Washed out color with a comfortable worn-in feel
  • Handsome sewn on Busted Knuckle Garage patch

This is an authentic Legacy Cap. Legacy has become one of the leading suppliers of not only high-end headwear; for both the collegiate and professional sports market.  No cheapo "won at the fair" ball cap.  Quality Guaranteed!