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Busted Knuckle Garage Car Guy Work Bench Mat Organizer

Car Guy Gifts for Car Lovers

 A workbench mat for your garage. A non-slip project mat that protects and keeps your work area clean. Chemical resistant and holds liquid spills up to 32 oz. Has a notched lip for easy pour-off. Features molded pockets for hardware and parts and includes conversion chart and angle guide as part of the material. Measures approximately 24" long X 16" wide.

If you've got work to be done; "….take it to the mat, the new BKG work bench mat."

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Freddie M
Awesome mat

Great mat great quality I work at a shop so it gets used alot need to buy one more

Thanks for the critique on the Workbench Mat Freddie. Proud to say this is an American Made product and yes, as the owner of the company I would like to sell products that I personally am happy to buy. Got one of these pups in my own Garage....the stories it could tell. Talk about Repair & Despair Under One Roof! Thank you for being a customer. Warren / Owner-Founder

Good quality, Good Price!

Initial observations, Very Nice, Good Thickness, Seems durable. I would purchase again.

Thanks for taking the time to write me on this JJ. It's been a great project companion to me for many years and I hope it remains the same for you. Really cleans up the clutter and can help to organize those bench projects and keep the small stuff straight. And hey, we can still make these here in the USA. All the best - Warren / Owner-Founder