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Busted Knuckle Garage Anti-Slip Carguy Fender Cover

Car Guy Gifts for Car Lovers


  • Non-Slip Material
  • Holds Tools & Hardware in Place
  • Holds Its Place on Fender
  • Measures 34" x 22"
  • Impervious to Gas, Oil, Solvents & Chemicals
  • Nylon Reinforced / No Fraying
  • Easy Clean Up with Mild Soap & Warm Water
  • Doubles As A Bench Mat
  • Toolbox Liner
  • Assembly Mat

Had enough fun crawling around on your garage floor looking for that one of a kind nut you just dropped?  Or why is it that towel I duct taped to my fender ruined my paint job?  Although most of our customers only have one fender on their car, buy two and save a trip around the front end of your sled.  Attractively boxed for gifting!


Endorsed by Jay Leno & his BIG DOG Garage.  Thank you Jay!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Greatly Enjoyed!

My grandson was thrilled to receive this fender cover. He has graduated High School and has taken up car repair as a hobby. As I said, he was thrilled to now have a fender cover in his Tool Kit.

Thanks for the note Karen, I'm happy to hear that your grandson was thrilled with this most useful 'carguy' gift but also happy to hear about him taking this 'car thing' as a hobby. We need more young men like him to carry on the tradition. Glad to know the BKG can be part of the experience!

Top notch service and product

I messed up my order for fender covers. Warren corrected my clumsiness without a prompt, saved me shipping and delivered without delay. Love the covers by the way.

Thanks for taking the time to post a review on this Burton. With regards to the hiccup on the order...well, I can only say....doing the right thing is always good business. I use these Fender Covers myself and they are the bomb. Just remember if / when it loses some 'stickiness', it's easily revived with a cleaning of mild dish soap and warm water. Thank you again for being my customer. - Warren / Owner-Founder

Bernice Kyle
Great product!

This is our 3rd or 4th set of Fender Covers over the years. Looking forward to putting these to use during the next engine rebuild/repair!