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Busted Knuckle Garage All Purpose Leather Work Gloves


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We've been wanting to put our hands on or in a awesome quality pair of gloves. Introducing the Big Rig. Extra supple heavy Genuine American Black Deer Split Leather Palm with internal padded palm for extra comfort and snug fit. Neoprene cuff reduces bunching and binding. This glove has a superior fit and ventilation. Thermal plastic closure provides secure fit with precise adjustments. Available in adult sizes M thru 2XL.  These gloves are tougher than a $2 steak!

Use for Home, Auto, Garage, Cycling, Motorcycling, ATV, Yard Work (we don't do any), Recreation, Sailing, Emergency, Construction, Road Work, Raking (we don't do any), Shoveling, Driving etc.

This testimonial rather sums it up;

I have received my gloves today in pristine condition, thank you very much for your fine product.  I must say they are the best gloves I have ever had.  They breath enough to keep your hands from sweating too much, they keep your hands warm if it is cold out, the palm has the leather so it grips nicely but yet it is thin enough to be able to feel around in a pocket with them on.  Not to mention the protective padding and the durability of the product is phenomenal!

Jeremy S.   

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Great gloves

I recently purchased the BK work gloves and all I will say is that they are a great fit and the quality of the leather and stitching leaves nothing behind. I can see that the lifespan of these gloves is going to outlast any of the gloves that you would buy at your local parts or big box store.

I can’t wait to see what BKG comes up with next for USEFUL products.

I appreciate your taking some time to write a review of our BKG Work Gloves with real and American leather. Tougher than a $2 steak is what I always say. Trust you'll get some long-running use out of these. Warren - Owner/Founder