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We take a lot of pride in making sure our customers are satified with their experience with the Busted Knuckle Garage. Heck, at least half the reason we do this is for you... the other half is because we've gotta do something with these busted knuckles, and it's pretty darn fun building a business we care about. Back to the customers, its always a great pleasure to get any kind of praise, and it makes us proud. This was once a dream, and you've helped us make it a reality! so thanks a million for all the kind words...


  I just received my order and I just had to send you a quick note. When I opened and pulled the little rolling tool chest out of the boxed, I couldn't believe how absolutely adorable and well made it was. I just love it and I know my father will too when he receives it this Father's Day. 

  And I know the card enclosed is comes with everything you send out, but it is truly a nice touch and shows the pride you have in your company and customer service, as well as your appreciation of your customers. 

  I can across your website merely by accident and I am so very glad I did.

 A New Repeat Customer,

-Denise P.


You people really know how to do business..I certainly appreciated the follow-up phone call on my order..Upgrading me on the T-shirt and not just sending me part of an order and not knowing you were out of something until I didnt get it...This is only the second order I have placed by phone with you...I have bought things when You were either at barrett/Jackson or the Good Guys Car show...Refreshing to do business with human beings...I wish you all the greatest success in all that You do...

– Dan H.

I recently placed an order through your company and when the T-shirt was received, it was too small for my Dad. I placed a call to your office and told them of the issue I had with the shirt I ordered. The gentleman I spoke to was very polite and helpful. He sent out a new shirt with a different size the same day, and my Dad received the gift a few days later. This was great because it still arrived in time for Father's day.

Thank you so much for your services, if only all internet companies could be as helpful as yours.

– Sarah

We recently ordered another Busted Knuckle sign for my husband's Commanders going away and AGAIN it is awesome!!!!! We think that this might be our trademark going away present but then we won't be so 'original' anymore..............

Thank you so much for your speedy delivery and great work.

– Melanie


Dear Knuckleheads,

I am totally addicted to the Mechanic's Hand Salve.... Been using it for several year's now. I'm an electrician, and my hands take considerable abuse. But you wouldn't know it by looking at them. Thank You.

Since I live up North though, my tin of BK Hand Salve is frequently chilled. So I rest my Cup of Joe (BK mug of course) on top of the tin. After 15 min. or so the salve is nice and warm and creamy smooth. Try it.

– Tom


We have received our goodies and my husband just loves everything, especially me for getting him such cool stuff. I have been told that he will need a steady supply of the hand salve, he's hooked, that stuff is a miracle cure for his sandpaper hands. The signs are just awesome and are already hanging on walls, we are just so pleased with everything. There will definitely be more orders in the very near future, I'd have to say we will be lifetime customers, oh ya!! Thank-you Greasemonkeys.

– Sincerely, Pam


Knuckleheads, I received my shirt today.

I first learned about Busted Knuckle Shirts while I was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. A co-worker would wear her shirt to work about once a week. She has a great picture of herself in her Busted Knuckle shirt standing on an M1 tank under the crossed swords at the Parade Grounds in Baghdad. You get a good view in the back ground of the rubble that is the remains of a bombed out building. The shirt became something of a good luck charm for her because every time she wore the shirt on a convoy, it was incident free. After a few months she basically wore it on every convoy. So you and all the guys at the Garage can say with pride that a Busted Knuckle Shirt has been worn on just about every US Camp in Iraq at some point in the last two years.

Thank You for supporting our troops, it truly means a lot to them.

– HF

I ordered the mechanics hand salve last week, and I am amazed at how well this product works! my elbows were so rough that they were snagging my shirts and bleeding. Now they are soft and smooth and on their way to a full recovery! In fact every time I put it on my 3-year-old daughter wants me to put some on her hands! THE BEST STUFF I HAVE EVER USED! Much better than the Husker lotion!

– Donald

I just had the most wonderful buying experience thanks to the "Head Wrench" Warren Tracy! As usual, I waited until the very last minute to order an item my father had wanted for his birthday (4 days before Thanksgiving). I made my inquiry with Warren and didn't even have to explain my desperate situation to him. He told me the item would go out today so that I would receive it just in time for my father's birthday. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the service I received. This is truly a reflection on your business and I wish you all the success in the world because of it. I only hope my father asks for something from The Busted Knuckle Garage for Christmas so I can do business with such a wonderful company once more.

Thank you again Warren, you really helped me out and I appreciate your wonderful service! Best wishes to you and the Happiest Thanksgiving to you and the other Greasemonkeys at the garage.


– Michelle


First of all, let me be the one thanking you! I honestly cannot remember such extraordinary customer service. I suspect you may think I'm overstating, however, I assure you I am not. I have now emailed 12 people telling them what a great experience I just had with you and your website, which is awesome in itself. I plan on telling more!

That was great news regarding the UPS ground service; thank you for checking that option for me. I wish you and all your "grease monkeys" a great day, and know that thanks to you and your "garage" I also will have a great day.

Thanks again,

– "JR" Jean

Hey Greasemonkeys,

The fender grippers rule! They have saved the finish on my 1964 Fairlane more than once! Thanks for providing such a great product!

– Greg

Thanks for taking care of my order right away and getting back to me on it so promptly. Pretty rare these days. I am the proud wife a very hard working mechanic, so naturally I fell in love with your products and thought I'd give you a try. Looks like not only are your products awesome, but the service and the people are too! As you know Greasemonkeys have only two types of friends; other greasemonkeys and people who need something worked on. I very much intend to pass the word along about how great it is to do business with the Busted Knuckle Garage. I'm sure I'll be ordering soon.

Many thanks!

– Jackie B.

I wanted to thank you for having these great items for me to order for my husband for Christmas! He loved it all. He can't decide where the new sign should go yet.

He loves working in the garage on cars, tractors, trucks, and just about anything. . .even after accidentally cutting his big toe off with a circular saw last year!!! Oops! So the "Busted Knuckle Garage" really fits at our household, even if it was a toe instead!

Hoping you had a very wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Thanks again!!!

– Joy K.


Dear Greasemonkeys,

I thought you would enjoy seeing two of the guys working in the garage sporting our new official uniforms. These shirts are great!! They don't show the dirt and wash up like new. We also love your Mechanic's Hand Salve. The healing effects are awesome and the herbal scent keeps the women happy by eliminating the smell of gasoline and oil. Thanks again and keep us in the loop on any new products.

Happy motoring,

– Russ B. / Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks for taking care of my order right away, and getting back to me on it so promptly. Pretty rare these days. I am the proud wife of a very hard working mechanic, so naturally I fell in love with your products and thought I'd give you a try. Looks like not only are your products awesome, but the service, and people are too. As you know greasemonkeys have only 2 types of friends; other greasemonkeys, and people who need something worked on. I very much intend to pass the word along about how great it is to do business with The Busted Knuckle Garage. I'm sure I'll be ordering again real soon.

Many Thanks

– Jackie B.

Thanks! My husband is going to love this. . .he has never seen your products before. And of course he is a hobby mechanic and drag racer in the middle of three projects! I found out about your website & products in our newspaper, the Tulsa World and an article about the salve. This after a weekend of hearing my husband talk about his hands being sore from "busting his knuckles!"

Thanks so much and I will look forward to surprising him!

– Milly D. / Tulsa, OK